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About Us

Ascanio Entertainment Logo 

The Team

Our team consists of six people; three programmers, two digital media designers, and one community manager. The founders of Ascanio Entertainment were two programmers named George Neokleous, George Tziazas.

George Neokleous, one of the programmers, has 3 years of experience as a programmer- business analyst and 6 years of experience as a game developer.

George Tziazas, our other programmer has 3 years of experience as a programmer – business analyst, 4 year of experience as a team lead programmer and 6 years of experience as a game developer.

They have both worked with Center of Games Studies of the European University of Cyprus to develop numerous games some of which have been the base of further university research for people with mental disabilities, while others have been exhibited by the Cypriot government


Introduction to Game Development

Everything started when a game development project was given to us, by our professor Dr. George Christou while we were studying at the European University. Our first game was named "Car Wars", which was the founding stone in inspiring our first game that was later renamed to "Crash Force". Through the development of Car Wars, we fell in love with game developing and decided to start our own company named "Ascanio Entertainment". Ascanio Entertainment was founded on the 30th of November 2015.

We have prepared a few Devlogs, talking about Ascanio Entertainment and Crash Force.



We have created a Presskit on our IndieDB company page here!

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy will be updated as soon as we publish the game. For now we need it for internal testing

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