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Crash Force - Patch Notes v.2.0.3588

Patch Notes v.2.0.3588

03 August 2017


Bug Fixes:

-Fixed an issue where Aquila Minuta would default to paints instead of the default bodykit.

-Fixed an issue where the Leveling up system was giving more experience than what was earned in game.

-Fixed an issue where bot level would go above the cap (above level 90).

-Fixed an issue with Aquila Claim.

-Fixed an issue with Cicuma Blend.



-Changed how shooting works. No more weapon switching. Primary weapon fires with the Left Mouse Button (or Right Trigger on controller) and Secondary weapon fires with the Right Mouse Button (or Left Trigger on controller).

-Melee attack has been merged with the dash (Left shift).


We have prepared a GIF showcasing these changes:


Crash Force First Local Tournament

Our very first Local Crash Force Tournament took place on the 22nd of July 2017, at a local internet cafe named Inspot Larnacas!


The attendance was enough to create multiple teams to compete against each other, and claim the first place! After tense and exciting few rounds, the last two teams that remained in the Tournament, fought in an explosive final round to claim their first Crash Force Tournament Win! First Place and Second Place received mouse and keyboard from our sponsors Cougar Gaming Cyprus!

A few screenshots we managed to get from the final rounds of the Tournament:

Local Crash Force Tournament at Inspot Larnacas

Local Crash Force Tournament at Inspot Larnacas

We would like to thank all of you who attended our very first Crash Force tournament and contributed in making it a great success.

Special thanks are in order for all the sponsors of the event. Such as the Inspot cafe and all of its lovely community. Thank you for supporting us and helping us grow our community. In addition, we would like to thank Cougar Gaming for providing the prizes for the tournament as well as being around and supporting us since the beginning of the Crash Force journey.


Lastly, we would like to thank GeekOtopos for covering the event and helping us to spread the word of Crash Force.

As for the winners of the tournament, we would like to congratulate you and we hope you'll stay tuned for there's a lot more to come.


Thank you.


 The Ascanio Entertainment Team

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Crash Force is now officially fully released

We are excited to announce that we are officially ending Crash Force's Steam Early Access period!!

Crash Force has come along way since it entered its Early Access period on the 21st of January. Six months of hard work and commitment by both ourselves and our supporters to adjust, change features, incorporate new ideas, build features from scratch and make Crash Force fun for everyone to enjoy. You can buy Crash Force at the following link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/535690/Crash_Force/ 

We would like to hear your feedback, suggestions, ideas and reports of bugs on our Steam Community forums here:

We have an early version of our official trailer available for you to check out:


As a last note, we would like to thank our supporters, beta testers and everyone that has encouraged us to get this game to a full release. Your feedback and suggestions have formed and shaped Crash Force! We will continue to support, develop and improve Crash Force after the release and incorporate all new feedback, suggestions and new ideas for our future updates.


We are currently working on an Xbox version of Crash Force, that will be released later in 2017.

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Crash Force

Official Crash Force poster 

 “Crash Force is an online multiplayer, arena, shooting game at its  core with RPG and racing elements.”

Crash Force is a mixture of Quake, Unreal Tournament, Twisted Metal and Rocket League in an explosive, fast-paced and competitive sci-fi alternative universe where hovercraft families rule the universe.


> Online Multiplayer Arena Shooter.

> Nine Hovercrafts, Three Hovercraft Families

 and Three Classes

> Four unique abilities for each Hovercraft

> Three Unique Maps.

> Three Game Modes: Deathmatch, Team

    Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. 

> Level cap at 90 (every 30 levels you

   gain an Aviation point) and Ranks.

> Skills Tree with three Aviation Points.

> Customize your hovercraft with Insignias,

   Decals,  Sprays, Bumpers and

   hovercraft Bodykits.

> Battle in 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 and 6v6, and one

   against all (6- 12 players).

 > Available on PC (through Steam) and

   Xbox One (fall 2017), works well with a




 Visit Crash Force's Official Website


Check out our WIKI for detailed stats, abilities and hovercraft's weapons






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Crash Force - Teaser Trailer

We have released a teaser trailer of Crash Force while we are working on our official trailer for Crash Force. Check it out:

Crash Force will be soon exiting its Early Access period! The date is set to 14/07/2017 (July 14th) and we are more than anxious to open up Crash Force to the public! We have made a lot of improvements and adjustments since January 21st, and we are hoping that people that picked up the game during the Early Access period feel the same excitement as we are!


We would like to thank our supporter, beta testers and everyone that has encouraged us to get this game to a full release, your feedback and suggestions have formed and shaped Crash Force! Of course, we will continue to support, develop and improve Crash Force after the release and incorporate all new feedback and suggestions.

Crash Force - August Double XP Weekend


We are kicking off August with a Double XP weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, August 5th - 6th!

 Log into Crash Force during these days and receive double experience from playing matches in Crash Force.

 Get to level 90, fill out your Skills Trees and gain Lootboxes faster!!


See you in the battlefield!


You can join our Discord Server here:





Devtip: If you buy an XP Win Boost you can quadruple your experience gained when you win a game.

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Crash Force - Closed Beta Signups

Crash Force released on Steam Early Access on the 20th of January, and we are opening up the Beta/Early Access, to people willing to provide feedback and help shape Crash Force to an amazing experience, for casual and hardcore gamers.

The Early Access of Steam includes five hovercrafts that you can battle out in one map, in one game mode, at the moment, but we will be releasing more hovercrafts during the beta.


You can join the Closed Beta of Crash Force by joining our Discord Server and requesting a key on the #key-request channel! Please be patient as we administer each key individually. 


Click here to join our Discord server


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