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Patch Notes (14)

Crash Force - Patch Notes v.2.0.3588

Patch Notes v.2.0.3588

03 August 2017


Bug Fixes:

-Fixed an issue where Aquila Minuta would default to paints instead of the default bodykit.

-Fixed an issue where the Leveling up system was giving more experience than what was earned in game.

-Fixed an issue where bot level would go above the cap (above level 90).

-Fixed an issue with Aquila Claim.

-Fixed an issue with Cicuma Blend.



-Changed how shooting works. No more weapon switching. Primary weapon fires with the Left Mouse Button (or Right Trigger on controller) and Secondary weapon fires with the Right Mouse Button (or Left Trigger on controller).

-Melee attack has been merged with the dash (Left shift).


We have prepared a GIF showcasing these changes:


Early Access - Patch v.1.5.3443

Patch Notes v.1.5.3443

29 June 2017



-Changed music in all maps.

-Cicuma Nebulosa is now available. You can check all of Nebulosas abilities and stats along with videos on our Wiki here: http://crash-force.wikia.com/wiki/Cicuma_Nebulosa

Cicuma Nebulosa is now available

-Clava Jubatus is now available. You can check all of Nebulosas abilities and stats along with videos on our Wiki here: http://crash-force.wikia.com/wiki/Clava_Jubatus

Clava Jubatus is now available

-The redesigned Clava Tombs is now available. We have an array of in-game screenshots along with a tour video:

Clava Tombs redesigned in Crash Force

Check all the screenshots of Clava Tombs here: http://crash-force.wikia.com/wiki/Clava_Tombs#Gallery 


-Game is now even more fast-paced with smaller ability cooldowns, smaller ability durations, no second step activations, more base damage, more base speed and more base health regeneration. All of the stats and abilities stats are now reflective of the live stats on our Wiki!

-Bots will now take the level of the lowest player in game (+/-3). Bots will use abilities only if their level is bigger than 1 and a percentage of boost will be given to them, affecting weapon damage, weapon Rate of Fire, Health and Speed, based on their level (max level 90 = 4.5%).

 Bots levels in Crash Force

-New hovering animation in Craft Gallery.


 Bug Fixes:

-Fixed an issue where sometimes entering the tutorial would crash the game.

 -Fixed an issue where the match end card would show points earned from previous matches.

Early Access - Patch v.1.5.3366

Patch v.1.5.3336

June 15th, 2017

Brand new Patch with a lot of new features, changes and bug fixes. Let's get right to them!


New in-game HUD and Main Menu UI adjustments:

We felt that while we received a lot of positive feedback for our previous in-game HUD, it could be improved or even redone completely. We took it upon ourselves to form a UI that was both good looking visually but also user-friendly and at the same time incorporating all the suggestions and feedback we had received from the previous one.

New HUD and Cicuma Forest

Energy and Health are now relocated on the bottom left corner of the HUD and received glow effects.

The mini-map has been redesigned while we improved your hovercraft’s and enemies’ hovercraft’s positioning.

The abilities tab has been moved to the bottom right of the screen. The icons have received a visual update and we also have added a glow effect depending on, if the ability is on cooldown, being used at the time and when it is off cooldown. We moved the timer of each ability to the left of each icon and created a progress bar to show how much time left of that ability remains.


We have also updated the Main Menu UI, with bigger buttons, clickier than ever, clearer texts and visual feedback.



 Cicuma Pulsatrix and new HUD Crash Force


New Hovercraft - Cicuma Pulsatrix

We are so happy to present you Cicuma Pulsatrix. In fact we were so hyped ourselves that we started a Rave Party!!



Cicuma Pulsatrix is the medium-sized hovercraft from the Cicuma family. Pulsatrix is an all-purpose hovercraft with well-rounded properties but excels in Velocity and Skirmishing.


Cicuma Pulastrix Abilities:


Rocket Hail: Pulsatrix casts a rain of rockets that fall upon a targeted area damaging all enemies inside.


Flash Bang: Pulsatrix overload all nearby enemies visual feedback blinding them for a period of time.


Cicuma Puppeteer: Pulsatrix creates exact replicas of its own body at random locations in an area around it.


Cicuma Blend: Pulsatrix camouflages itself and blends in with the environment utilizing the nanites of its body.


We have prepared a few screenshots of Cicuma Pulsatrix while in-game along with its two Bodykits/Skins, Illuminator (yellow) and Crusader (red) as shown below:




All the abilities, skins and VIDEOS of each ability are on our Wiki page here:




Capture The Capacitor in Crash Force

New Game Mode – Capture The Capacitor

We are very happy to announce that we have made available our third Game Mode called “Capture the Capacitor”. Capture the Capacitor is a Capture the Flag game mode, that was adjusted to fit the playstyle, gameplay and sci-fi theme of Crash Force.There are two Teams on this map, that need to protect their own Capacitor (marked as blue) and capture the opposing team’s Capacitor (marked as red) and bring it back to their base without dropping it to score a point.

The team that scores three Capacitors points wins the game. The player that acquires a Capacitor is unable to cast abilities but can still maneuver, attack and dash to any direction to escape death. When an opposing team member kills the Capacitor carrier, the Capacitor is dropped to the ground. A member of the same Capacitor team as the carrier can then pick up that Capacitor and finish the job, or a member of the opposing team can pick up the Capacitor and immediately return the Capacitor to its base.

We have prepared a small preview video showing gameplay from CTC:


A gallery showing moments and in-game notifications of objectives of CTC:


 We are looking for ideas, suggestions, and feedback on our new game mode! While Capture the Flag is a well-known game mode, we are open to suggestions, to improve the feel, uniqueness, and difficulty of it.



Shooting Range Splash Screen in Crash Force

New Game Mode – Shooting Range

We are very excited to finally release Shooting Range.

Shooting Range is a place in a distant galaxy far away from where young hovercrafts practice their new-found abilities and test out their mechanics. In this mode, you will be able to test all available hovercrafts against moving targets, rooted in place targets and test your abilities to perfect the timing of your combos as well as test the range of each ability likewise. We have prepared a small video showing some of the in-game areas of Shooting Range:



Just a quick note that, in order to change your selected hovercraft, you just have to head to the room you spawned when you first entered the Shooting Range. When you enter that room a pop-up will appear that lets you choose another vehicle. We have captured a few in-game screenshots of the Shooting Range:


Mid-Game Hovercraft selection screen

Entering in a match while the match was already in progress will now let you choose a hovercraft before spawning. We think this addition will help people to join in progress games without fearing on which hovercraft they would get when they spawned mid game. Note that when you enter a game mid-way your score will be reset. Meaning that if you leave an in-progress game and then try to re-enter that match so you can choose a different hovercraft will reset your score. In addition, creating a match without any other players will close after you quit the game. 

 Hovercraft Selection Screen - Mid Game

The following picture was taken in Shooting Range but nonetheless, it is quite similar in other Game Modes and maps. 



Buddy System and CTC


Buddy System – Steam Friends Invitation System

Our testers wanted a buddy invite system, where they could invite their Steam friends to play Crash Force with them and therefore we created the Buddy System.

In order to invite a friend to a party in Crash Force, you have to already be friends on Steam and also that friend needs to have Crash Force in his/her Steam library and installed on his/her PC.

The next step is for you and your friend/s to login into Crash Force and hit Quick Play. When you enter the Quick Play area, you will be able to see all your Steam friends that own Crash Force in separate lists depending if they are Online or Offline. If none of your friends are online then you can skip and queue up solo.

By clicking on the plus (+) button next to each buddy you will invite him/her to your party (and therefore be the Party Leader of the party).

Your friends will then be prompted by a pop-up on the bottom right of the screen to accept or decline your invitation (Fair warning: refrain from Declining Invitations at the moment as they seem to bug out the system, instead accept the invitation and then leave the party. We are working on a patch to fix this issue).

Buddy Invitation in Crash Force

After every one of your buddies are in the same party, the Party Leader can then can queue up for the desire Game Mode. In the next screen, we are showing the perspective of the Party leader, where the player can kick a party member by clicking the "X" button next to party member. The Party Leader can also disperse the party, by clicking the ":Disperse Party" button on the bottom left of the screen. Party members can exit the party, by clicking on the Exit button on the bottom left corner of the screen (where "Disperse Party" button is now). When the Party leader queues up for a Game Mode, only the Party leader can stop the queue timer.

Buddy System Queuing up

When the queue timer ends, the party members will move to the lobby screen and either be on the same team (for Team Showdown and Capture The Capacitor) or in the same Lobby but oppose each other (in One Man Wolfpack). You can opt out of the Lobby by clicking the "Leave Game" button on the bottom of the Lobby screen.

Lobby in Crash Force

When the match ends, you will automatically be allocated to the next lobby to fight against other players or bots, in the same or opposing team depending on which game mode you have selected.

If by mistake, your Party Leader chose the wrong Game Mode, you can all leave the lobby, your party will be disbanded. You can create the party in the same procedure as described above and queue for the desired Game Mode.



Finally, we fixed several bugs, made graphical changes and optimized Crash Force which are listed below:


Bug Fixes:

-Fixed an issue where equipped paints would not show up in menu.

-Fixed an issue where the match end card would show bogus loot box earnings.

-Fixed an issue where maps would not rotate.

-Fixed an issue with collisions in the tutorial.



Graphics changes:

-Cicuma Forest revisit.

-Clava Diphylla's Berserk New fx.

-Clava Acadica's Cicuma Shift new fx.



-Garbage collection optimization.

-Network optimization.

Early Access - Patch v.1.5.3105

Patch v.1.5.3105

May 21st, 2017


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some issues with map collisions.
  • Fixed an issue where Victories were not being given.
  • Fixed in-game Steam achievements awarding.
  • Fixed Skills Tree issues.
  • Fixed Team Showdown countdown issue.
  • Fixed an issue where max level players would not travel to the next map.



  • Bots now cast abilities.
  • Minimap has been changed.
  • Changed how Clava Diphylla's first ability is cast (more accurate).
  • Added ally/enemy(blue/red) outlines on hovercrafts for better visibility.
  • Changed how Aquila Wormhole is used (You can now go through walls!!!).
  • Tutorial Revisited (Still in Progress).
  • You can now open your earned lootboxes in the profile overview tab.


Graphics changes:

  • Changed Hornet's particle.
  • Changed Oxidation's particle.



  • Further GPU optimizations.



Early Access - Patch v.1.4.2833

Patch v.1.4.2833

April 26th 2017


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the lobby counter would reach 0 but the server would not travel to the next map.
  • Fixed an issue where the skill trees would not apply until respawned once.
  • Steam achievements are being awarded when logging in as a workaround until in-game awarding is fixed.


  • Changed the camera location (slightly to the right), for a clearer view and aiming (an option to change between sides or set the camera to the middle is coming in a later patch).
  • Added 2 more bots(Myotis, Acadica).


Graphics changes:

  • Introduced a new shader to enhance the Environments' vibrance and general visibility.
  • Overall artistic fidelity has been enhanced with Sobel Edge detection.
  • After consideration of user feedback, Saturation and Brightness have been pumped up.



  • Reduced the resolution of certain lightmaps to optimize the performance of the texture streamer.
  • Network optimizations.

Early Access - Patch v.1.4.2710

Patch v.1.4.2710

April 5th 2017


Content Additions:

  • Added 100 new hovercraft decals.
  • Added 2 new body kits for Diphylla.
  • Added 2 new body kits for Myotis.
  • Added 51 Metallic Paints.
  • Added 51 Matte Paints.
  • Added 51 Emissive Paints.
  • Added 51 Carbon Paints.
  • Added 51 Pattern Paints.
  • Default Bumpers for all available hovercrafts have been added.
  • Added SFX for several abilities (Still A work in Progress).



  • General Hovercraft Customization (Paints, Body Kits, Decals, Bumpers).
  • Melee Attack - Pressing the Right Mouse Click has been changed from aiming down the sight, to the newly added mechanic of Melee Attack. 
    (Still a work in progress, thus any flaws in mechanics and functionality should be expected.)
  • Added switch between input bindings functionality.



  • Major Graphics Boost.
  • Changed the particles of several abilities.
  • Changed the Level Progression System (UI feedback integration, is still a work in progress).
  • Changed Secondary Weapons' range.
  • Various visual enhancements on Aquila Plains Map.


Bug Fixes:

  • Diphylla was causing the screen to flash when the camera mode was unlocked.
  • CC abilities such as Stun and Confusion where conflicting each other and couldn't be activated at the same time.
  • Steam Achievements should now be completely functional.


Minor UI enhancements:

  • Lobby Screen now shows the selected hovercraft name inside the Player Information Row.
  • Added UI SFX to enhance the general feedback upon pressing and hovering buttons inside the Main Menu Screens (Still A work in Progress).
  • Added Melee cooldown indication on HUD.




Early Access - Patch v.1.3.2438

Patch v.1.3.2438





  • Server will now rotate through the 3 available maps
  • Entering a queue now will open a lobby and the countdown will start the game with as many bots needed to have a 3v3 match(based on actual players in lobby).
  • If you enter the queue and there is a game that is in progress without the minimum number of players(12), you will be added in the match.


Bug Fixes:

  • General Optimization. Better FPS, Better performance overall.
  • Fixed an issue, where the Garbage Collector would cause the game to lag.


Minor UI enhancements:

  • Increased the size of the combat chat.
  • Adjusted the position of the status feed.
  • Improved the Scoreboard design.
  • Redesigned Ammo Packs.
  • Added SFX (in progress).

Early Access - Patch v.1.3.2350

Patch v.1.3.2350





  • Server will now rotate through the 3 available maps
  • Entering a queue now will open a lobby and the countdown will start the game with as many bots needed to have a 3v3 match(based on actual players in lobby).
  • If you enter the queue and a game that is in progress without the minimum number of players(12) is found, you will be added in the match.


Bug Fixes.

  • Fixed an issue where the victory screen would stay on screen indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue where statuses(stun, root etc) would apply multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where bots were not shown on the scoreboard.


Added Features.

  • Increased number of hit directions to 8 and re positioned them closer to the cross-hair.
  • Tutorial level redesign and general bug fixing.
  • Further improvements on bots.



Early Access - Patch v.1.3.2289

Patch v.1.3.2289


It has been one month since Crash Force was released on Steam Early Access. During that month, we have gathered feedback and suggestions from our users. A lot of the feedback was pointed to the in-game UI at first and we released a new work in progress UI for users to test and provide feedback. Fortunately, the response to the in-game UI was positive and users felt more immersed in Crash Force. A few adjustments were made in this patch to the in-game User Interface to accommodate clearer cooldowns, abilities and icons.

In Game User Interface Crash Force

Today we are releasing an overhaul of a lot of the features of Crash Force through suggestions that were made by testers. These updates include a brand new Main Menu User Interface, re-introduction of all three maps, new queuing up system, the highly anticipated Bots and preview of hovercrafts, to name a few. Let’s head into more detail



Long Queues and the arrival of Bots.

Our beta tester pool was from around the globe, which introduced a certain problem we had not anticipated. People were queueing in different times of the day and rarely met in queue. It was suggested strongly, by testers and Defunct Games, that the addition of bots would help solve the long wait times and give the chance for testers to actually play test Crash Force.

We are introducing the first version of Bots for Crash Force. First version, since they are still a work in progress. Bugs and suggestions plus feedback will help us perfect them. At the moment, bots will spawn, seek the nearest enemy (bot or player) and start attacking them. If they are low on ammo, they will head to ammo pads and collect ammo.

Bots will automatically join a game, if there are less than 6 people in the lobby. Meaning, that if there are three players in the lobby, when the match starts, three bots will be added automatically. When the lobby has six or more players, no bots will be added to the match.


Queue Up System

While we thought that our old queue system was not perfect to say the least, we felt that it was easy to navigate. We revamped the whole queue up system as we wanted to introduce the return into a lobby, after a match had ended. By returning to the lobby, the players can continue playing Crash Force without queuing up again.

Since we had revamped the return to lobby system, we added a few features that would now be missing from the queuing up procedure, which are the hovercraft selection and the Skills Tree selection. After a player queues up and join a lobby, the player can select his/her hovercraft of choice, Skills Tree Slot and start chatting with the other players in the lobby. New players can also join the lobby if they queued up when the lobby was remade.

Queuing up in Crash ForceGame Modes in Crash ForceQueue Timer Crash ForceLobby Crash Force


Special Spectator Mode

We wanted to tackle another issue, where people where queuing up while another match was already in progress and would eventually drop out the queue before that match ended.

We are introducing a special spectator mode. When a player queues up and a game is already in progress, that player will join that match in spectator mode. After the match has ended, the player will automatically join that lobby and proceed to the next match with the players from the previous match.

Spectator Mode Crash Force

Hovercraft and Skills Tree Selection

When a player enters the lobby, he/she can choose a hovercraft and a Skills Tree slot.

Important Notice: If a player fails to choose a hovercraft in the lobby, Aquila Minuta will automatically be selected for that player, along with that player’s first Skills Tree slot.

While in the lobby, the players cannot choose decals and their favourite hovercraft skins. A player can choose before entering a queue, his/her favourite decal and hovercraft skins and they will be automatically applied when in the lobby/match. The match overview screen has also been revamped to fit the new main menu user interface.

Match Report Crash Force

Rotating Map Selection

Two weeks of Aquila Plains map playtesting. Check.

Two weeks of Cicuma Forest map playtesting. Check

Instead of introducing only our third map named Clava Tombs, we decided to create a rotating map mode. The next map is automatically selected by the system, and the players can play all the available maps of Crash Force.

Clava Tombs


Main Menu User Interface

The Main Menu was in a pretty good state, but since we started revamped the queue up system and we were working the preview system, we decided to revamp everything. The new User Interface has new tabs on the top named, Play, Craft Gallery, Career profile, Store and finally the Options.

Main Menu - Play

We are introducing a cleaner way to queue up for Crash Force. Server locations and patch notes are now clearer, and a new large tab has been added where the player can select whether he/she want to play the Tutorial, Shooting Range (not released yet), Competitive Play (not released yet) and finally the Quick Play.

Quick Play brings the player to a selection of three game modes. At the moment One Man Wolfpack will be available until more people join the Early Access period. When the player clicks OMW (One Man Wolfpack), a queue timer will pop up alerting the player of the approximate queue time that will take to find a match, and a timer of the actual time in queue.

Main Menu - Craft Gallery

Craft Gallery, is the newest tab in the Main Menu of Crash Force. In the gallery, the player can select a hovercraft, and then read about the hovercrafts abilities and weapons, preview the hovercraft, apply skins and decals to the hovercraft. The player can apply skins and decals to the hovercraft and preview these changes by heading in the preview hovercraft mode.

Craft Gallery Crash ForceHovercraft Menu Crash ForceHovercraft Abilities Crash ForceSkins Decal Preview Hovercraft Crash ForcePreview Hovercraft Crash Force

A player can only also purchase the Skins and Decals at the Craft Gallery section instead of the Shop. Consequently, the Shop now only sells EXP Boosts, Reset Tokens and Lumen purchases.

Skills Tree Preview Hovercraft Crash Force


The player can also select one of his/hers Skills Tree slot and apply it, to the hovercraft he/she had selected and preview the stats changes that will be applied in game.

Main Menu - Career Profile

Not a lot has changed in this tab of the Main Menu on the features side except the addition of purchases and the ability to view if you have activated EXP boosts or remaining reset tokens. The overall feel has changed to match the rest of the Main Menu UI. The Overview tab has been adjusted with larger lettering and a cleaner look. The Skills Tree section is now cleaner and easier to navigate. Lastly, the Ranks section has been reworked with larger rank icons and division of icon symbols depending on similarity in ranks.

Career Overview Crash ForceSkills Tree Crash ForceRanks Crash Force


Main Menu - Shop

We mentioned above that the Shop now only sells EXP boosts, Reset tokens and Lumen purchases. In addition, we have added a verification of purchase pop up, to avoid any miss clicking.

Shop Crash Force



Bug Fixes.

  • Fixed an issue where the skills Tree would not apply correctly.
  • Fixed K/D Value in the Overview Section of the profile tab.
  • Fixed an issue where Aquila Claim (Aquila Audax’s 3rd ability) would leave targets rooted indefinitely.




Early Access - Patch v.1.2.2188

Patch v.1.2.2188


Bug Fixes.

Fixed disappearing cursor.

Fixed an issue where the cursor would disappear from the main menu.

Fixed an issue where pressing escape in-game would cause the screen to flicker.

The screen flickering when pressing the Esc button has been fixed. No more flickering nonsense J


Fixed some aesthetics in market (now called Shop).

Shop has been renamed, to reflect the purchasing of items, rather than market which implies trading (Suggestion by JohnSmith).



Fixed an issue where resolution quality would not apply.

When setting your display settings, there was an issue with applying the resolution quality. This has been fixed now.


Added Features.

Locked Aquila Plains, Unlocked Cicuma Forest.

Aquila Plains is retiring for the time being, as we are enabling the Cicuma Forest map! Cicuma Forest is a forestry, ancient temple with a dark atmosphere and aesthetics.

Queue up and check this map out! New map, new achievements to earn, “secrets” and insane jumps.


Aquila Audax is now available.

The third and final hovercraft from the Aquila hovercraft family is now available! With the introduction of Audax, we are introducing a third class of hovercrafts, the tanks.

Audax, is a beefy hovercraft with slow movement speed and a lot of health. Audax’s playstyle is crowd controlling enemy hovercrafts and setting up kills for itself and its teammates.









PRW – The primary weapon of Audax is a standard rifle that shoots bullets. The maximum capacity of bullets is 400 and each bullet damages an enemy hovercraft by 25 damage.

LMB: Primary Weapon: Rifle

Fires Bullets that deal damage to enemies

SDW – The secondary weapon of Audax is a missile projectile, named Plasma Bolt. The missile explodes on impact and has a blast radius. The maximum capacity of this weapon is 120 and the damage is 10 per hit.



LMB: Secondary Weapon: Plasma Bolt

Projectile that deals damage when it explodes.



Ability 1 – Hornet is Audax’s first ability, which is a projectile and root ability type. When Audax activates this ability, projectile leaves from the centre of the turret of the hovercraft. If Hornet hits an enemy the target is stunned and you can reactivate Hornet, to dash to that target.

1st Ability: Hornet

Audax roots an enemy in place and can then dash to it.


Ability 2 – Tranquillity is the second ability of Audax. This ability is an Area of Effect Silence ability that makes all enemy hovercrafts inside the radius of the ability unable to cast abilities for a period of time.

2nd Ability: Tranquillity

An aura emits from Audax, making all enemies in the area unable to cast their abilities.


Ability 3 – Aquila Claim is an Area of Effect, Root and damage ability. When Claim is cast Audax releases a mini Black Hole on its position. The Black Hole roots and attracts all enemy hovercrafts in its radius, to the centre. While a hostile hovercraft is in the centre of the Black Hole, it takes damage.

3rd Ability: Aquila Claim

Audax summons a mini black hole, drawing all enemies inside and damaging them.


Ability 4 – Aquila Wormhole is flash ability, meaning your hovercraft can travel a set distance (blink) in an instant. No traveling through walls or other players is allowed.

4th Ability: Aquila Wormhole

Aquila Audax instantly teleports a small distance, in the direction it sees.


General Tips:

· Audax is a great initiator. Consider utilising its heavy Crowd Control to start a fight. A good combination could be to catch an enemy with Hornet, dash at them, and once close to them open Tranquillity and Claim. No escape.

· Remember that while you can CC multiple enemy hovercrafts at once with Aquila Claim, Audax deals very little damage without any help for your allied hovercrafts. Team coordination is the key.

· Hornet can be used as your first ability onto an enemy hovercraft. Consider using this ability to catch a fleeing enemy hovercraft or dodging a projectile ability.


You can read in more detail about Audax’s abilities and stats on our Wiki here:



Added Tutorial button on the Home screen.

The Crash Force tutorial in now live! New and accustomed players, please check it out and provide us with feedback!


Community Happenings – Double XP Weekend

We are kicking off February with a Double XP weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, February 11th - 12th from 8pm CEST to 11pm CEST AND 8pm CEST to 11pm PST!

Log into Crash Force during these hours and receive double experience from playing matches in Crash Force.

Get to level 30 faster, and earn your first Aviation point!

See you in the battlefield!

You can join our Curse Server during the event:

And our Discord Server here:

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