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Crash Force - Patch Notes v.2.0.3588

Crash Force - Patch Notes 2.0.3588 Crash Force - Patch Notes 2.0.3588
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Patch Notes v.2.0.3588

03 August 2017


Bug Fixes:

-Fixed an issue where Aquila Minuta would default to paints instead of the default bodykit.

-Fixed an issue where the Leveling up system was giving more experience than what was earned in game.

-Fixed an issue where bot level would go above the cap (above level 90).

-Fixed an issue with Aquila Claim.

-Fixed an issue with Cicuma Blend.



-Changed how shooting works. No more weapon switching. Primary weapon fires with the Left Mouse Button (or Right Trigger on controller) and Secondary weapon fires with the Right Mouse Button (or Left Trigger on controller).

-Melee attack has been merged with the dash (Left shift).


We have prepared a GIF showcasing these changes:


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