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Early Access - Patch v.1.5.3443

Crash Force - Patch Notes 1.5.3443 Crash Force - Patch Notes 1.5.3443
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Patch Notes v.1.5.3443

29 June 2017



-Changed music in all maps.

-Cicuma Nebulosa is now available. You can check all of Nebulosas abilities and stats along with videos on our Wiki here: http://crash-force.wikia.com/wiki/Cicuma_Nebulosa

Cicuma Nebulosa is now available

-Clava Jubatus is now available. You can check all of Nebulosas abilities and stats along with videos on our Wiki here: http://crash-force.wikia.com/wiki/Clava_Jubatus

Clava Jubatus is now available

-The redesigned Clava Tombs is now available. We have an array of in-game screenshots along with a tour video:

Clava Tombs redesigned in Crash Force

Check all the screenshots of Clava Tombs here: http://crash-force.wikia.com/wiki/Clava_Tombs#Gallery 


-Game is now even more fast-paced with smaller ability cooldowns, smaller ability durations, no second step activations, more base damage, more base speed and more base health regeneration. All of the stats and abilities stats are now reflective of the live stats on our Wiki!

-Bots will now take the level of the lowest player in game (+/-3). Bots will use abilities only if their level is bigger than 1 and a percentage of boost will be given to them, affecting weapon damage, weapon Rate of Fire, Health and Speed, based on their level (max level 90 = 4.5%).

 Bots levels in Crash Force

-New hovering animation in Craft Gallery.


 Bug Fixes:

-Fixed an issue where sometimes entering the tutorial would crash the game.

 -Fixed an issue where the match end card would show points earned from previous matches.

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