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Early Access - Patch v.1.4.2833

Crash Force - Patch Notes 1.4.2710 Crash Force - Patch Notes 1.4.2710
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Patch v.1.4.2833

April 26th 2017


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the lobby counter would reach 0 but the server would not travel to the next map.
  • Fixed an issue where the skill trees would not apply until respawned once.
  • Steam achievements are being awarded when logging in as a workaround until in-game awarding is fixed.


  • Changed the camera location (slightly to the right), for a clearer view and aiming (an option to change between sides or set the camera to the middle is coming in a later patch).
  • Added 2 more bots(Myotis, Acadica).


Graphics changes:

  • Introduced a new shader to enhance the Environments' vibrance and general visibility.
  • Overall artistic fidelity has been enhanced with Sobel Edge detection.
  • After consideration of user feedback, Saturation and Brightness have been pumped up.



  • Reduced the resolution of certain lightmaps to optimize the performance of the texture streamer.
  • Network optimizations.
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