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Early Access - Patch v.1.4.2710

Crash Force - Patch Notes 1.4.2710 Crash Force - Patch Notes 1.4.2710
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Patch v.1.4.2710

April 5th 2017


Content Additions:

  • Added 100 new hovercraft decals.
  • Added 2 new body kits for Diphylla.
  • Added 2 new body kits for Myotis.
  • Added 51 Metallic Paints.
  • Added 51 Matte Paints.
  • Added 51 Emissive Paints.
  • Added 51 Carbon Paints.
  • Added 51 Pattern Paints.
  • Default Bumpers for all available hovercrafts have been added.
  • Added SFX for several abilities (Still A work in Progress).



  • General Hovercraft Customization (Paints, Body Kits, Decals, Bumpers).
  • Melee Attack - Pressing the Right Mouse Click has been changed from aiming down the sight, to the newly added mechanic of Melee Attack. 
    (Still a work in progress, thus any flaws in mechanics and functionality should be expected.)
  • Added switch between input bindings functionality.



  • Major Graphics Boost.
  • Changed the particles of several abilities.
  • Changed the Level Progression System (UI feedback integration, is still a work in progress).
  • Changed Secondary Weapons' range.
  • Various visual enhancements on Aquila Plains Map.


Bug Fixes:

  • Diphylla was causing the screen to flash when the camera mode was unlocked.
  • CC abilities such as Stun and Confusion where conflicting each other and couldn't be activated at the same time.
  • Steam Achievements should now be completely functional.


Minor UI enhancements:

  • Lobby Screen now shows the selected hovercraft name inside the Player Information Row.
  • Added UI SFX to enhance the general feedback upon pressing and hovering buttons inside the Main Menu Screens (Still A work in Progress).
  • Added Melee cooldown indication on HUD.




Last modified onWednesday, 05 April 2017 22:05
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