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Early Access - Patch v.1.3.2350

Crash Force - Patch Notes 1.3.2350 Crash Force - Patch Notes 1.3.2350
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Patch v.1.3.2350





  • Server will now rotate through the 3 available maps
  • Entering a queue now will open a lobby and the countdown will start the game with as many bots needed to have a 3v3 match(based on actual players in lobby).
  • If you enter the queue and a game that is in progress without the minimum number of players(12) is found, you will be added in the match.


Bug Fixes.

  • Fixed an issue where the victory screen would stay on screen indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue where statuses(stun, root etc) would apply multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where bots were not shown on the scoreboard.


Added Features.

  • Increased number of hit directions to 8 and re positioned them closer to the cross-hair.
  • Tutorial level redesign and general bug fixing.
  • Further improvements on bots.



Last modified onSaturday, 04 March 2017 19:35
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