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Early Access - Patch v.1.3.2289

Crash Force - Patch Notes 1.3.2289 Crash Force - Patch Notes 1.3.2289
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Patch v.1.3.2289


It has been one month since Crash Force was released on Steam Early Access. During that month, we have gathered feedback and suggestions from our users. A lot of the feedback was pointed to the in-game UI at first and we released a new work in progress UI for users to test and provide feedback. Fortunately, the response to the in-game UI was positive and users felt more immersed in Crash Force. A few adjustments were made in this patch to the in-game User Interface to accommodate clearer cooldowns, abilities and icons.

In Game User Interface Crash Force

Today we are releasing an overhaul of a lot of the features of Crash Force through suggestions that were made by testers. These updates include a brand new Main Menu User Interface, re-introduction of all three maps, new queuing up system, the highly anticipated Bots and preview of hovercrafts, to name a few. Let’s head into more detail



Long Queues and the arrival of Bots.

Our beta tester pool was from around the globe, which introduced a certain problem we had not anticipated. People were queueing in different times of the day and rarely met in queue. It was suggested strongly, by testers and Defunct Games, that the addition of bots would help solve the long wait times and give the chance for testers to actually play test Crash Force.

We are introducing the first version of Bots for Crash Force. First version, since they are still a work in progress. Bugs and suggestions plus feedback will help us perfect them. At the moment, bots will spawn, seek the nearest enemy (bot or player) and start attacking them. If they are low on ammo, they will head to ammo pads and collect ammo.

Bots will automatically join a game, if there are less than 6 people in the lobby. Meaning, that if there are three players in the lobby, when the match starts, three bots will be added automatically. When the lobby has six or more players, no bots will be added to the match.


Queue Up System

While we thought that our old queue system was not perfect to say the least, we felt that it was easy to navigate. We revamped the whole queue up system as we wanted to introduce the return into a lobby, after a match had ended. By returning to the lobby, the players can continue playing Crash Force without queuing up again.

Since we had revamped the return to lobby system, we added a few features that would now be missing from the queuing up procedure, which are the hovercraft selection and the Skills Tree selection. After a player queues up and join a lobby, the player can select his/her hovercraft of choice, Skills Tree Slot and start chatting with the other players in the lobby. New players can also join the lobby if they queued up when the lobby was remade.

Queuing up in Crash ForceGame Modes in Crash ForceQueue Timer Crash ForceLobby Crash Force


Special Spectator Mode

We wanted to tackle another issue, where people where queuing up while another match was already in progress and would eventually drop out the queue before that match ended.

We are introducing a special spectator mode. When a player queues up and a game is already in progress, that player will join that match in spectator mode. After the match has ended, the player will automatically join that lobby and proceed to the next match with the players from the previous match.

Spectator Mode Crash Force

Hovercraft and Skills Tree Selection

When a player enters the lobby, he/she can choose a hovercraft and a Skills Tree slot.

Important Notice: If a player fails to choose a hovercraft in the lobby, Aquila Minuta will automatically be selected for that player, along with that player’s first Skills Tree slot.

While in the lobby, the players cannot choose decals and their favourite hovercraft skins. A player can choose before entering a queue, his/her favourite decal and hovercraft skins and they will be automatically applied when in the lobby/match. The match overview screen has also been revamped to fit the new main menu user interface.

Match Report Crash Force

Rotating Map Selection

Two weeks of Aquila Plains map playtesting. Check.

Two weeks of Cicuma Forest map playtesting. Check

Instead of introducing only our third map named Clava Tombs, we decided to create a rotating map mode. The next map is automatically selected by the system, and the players can play all the available maps of Crash Force.

Clava Tombs


Main Menu User Interface

The Main Menu was in a pretty good state, but since we started revamped the queue up system and we were working the preview system, we decided to revamp everything. The new User Interface has new tabs on the top named, Play, Craft Gallery, Career profile, Store and finally the Options.

Main Menu - Play

We are introducing a cleaner way to queue up for Crash Force. Server locations and patch notes are now clearer, and a new large tab has been added where the player can select whether he/she want to play the Tutorial, Shooting Range (not released yet), Competitive Play (not released yet) and finally the Quick Play.

Quick Play brings the player to a selection of three game modes. At the moment One Man Wolfpack will be available until more people join the Early Access period. When the player clicks OMW (One Man Wolfpack), a queue timer will pop up alerting the player of the approximate queue time that will take to find a match, and a timer of the actual time in queue.

Main Menu - Craft Gallery

Craft Gallery, is the newest tab in the Main Menu of Crash Force. In the gallery, the player can select a hovercraft, and then read about the hovercrafts abilities and weapons, preview the hovercraft, apply skins and decals to the hovercraft. The player can apply skins and decals to the hovercraft and preview these changes by heading in the preview hovercraft mode.

Craft Gallery Crash ForceHovercraft Menu Crash ForceHovercraft Abilities Crash ForceSkins Decal Preview Hovercraft Crash ForcePreview Hovercraft Crash Force

A player can only also purchase the Skins and Decals at the Craft Gallery section instead of the Shop. Consequently, the Shop now only sells EXP Boosts, Reset Tokens and Lumen purchases.

Skills Tree Preview Hovercraft Crash Force


The player can also select one of his/hers Skills Tree slot and apply it, to the hovercraft he/she had selected and preview the stats changes that will be applied in game.

Main Menu - Career Profile

Not a lot has changed in this tab of the Main Menu on the features side except the addition of purchases and the ability to view if you have activated EXP boosts or remaining reset tokens. The overall feel has changed to match the rest of the Main Menu UI. The Overview tab has been adjusted with larger lettering and a cleaner look. The Skills Tree section is now cleaner and easier to navigate. Lastly, the Ranks section has been reworked with larger rank icons and division of icon symbols depending on similarity in ranks.

Career Overview Crash ForceSkills Tree Crash ForceRanks Crash Force


Main Menu - Shop

We mentioned above that the Shop now only sells EXP boosts, Reset tokens and Lumen purchases. In addition, we have added a verification of purchase pop up, to avoid any miss clicking.

Shop Crash Force



Bug Fixes.

  • Fixed an issue where the skills Tree would not apply correctly.
  • Fixed K/D Value in the Overview Section of the profile tab.
  • Fixed an issue where Aquila Claim (Aquila Audax’s 3rd ability) would leave targets rooted indefinitely.




Last modified onWednesday, 22 February 2017 20:44
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