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Early Access - Patch v.1.2.2188

Cicuma Forest is now available Cicuma Forest is now available
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Patch v.1.2.2188


Bug Fixes.

Fixed disappearing cursor.

Fixed an issue where the cursor would disappear from the main menu.

Fixed an issue where pressing escape in-game would cause the screen to flicker.

The screen flickering when pressing the Esc button has been fixed. No more flickering nonsense J


Fixed some aesthetics in market (now called Shop).

Shop has been renamed, to reflect the purchasing of items, rather than market which implies trading (Suggestion by JohnSmith).



Fixed an issue where resolution quality would not apply.

When setting your display settings, there was an issue with applying the resolution quality. This has been fixed now.


Added Features.

Locked Aquila Plains, Unlocked Cicuma Forest.

Aquila Plains is retiring for the time being, as we are enabling the Cicuma Forest map! Cicuma Forest is a forestry, ancient temple with a dark atmosphere and aesthetics.

Queue up and check this map out! New map, new achievements to earn, “secrets” and insane jumps.


Aquila Audax is now available.

The third and final hovercraft from the Aquila hovercraft family is now available! With the introduction of Audax, we are introducing a third class of hovercrafts, the tanks.

Audax, is a beefy hovercraft with slow movement speed and a lot of health. Audax’s playstyle is crowd controlling enemy hovercrafts and setting up kills for itself and its teammates.









PRW – The primary weapon of Audax is a standard rifle that shoots bullets. The maximum capacity of bullets is 400 and each bullet damages an enemy hovercraft by 25 damage.

LMB: Primary Weapon: Rifle

Fires Bullets that deal damage to enemies

SDW – The secondary weapon of Audax is a missile projectile, named Plasma Bolt. The missile explodes on impact and has a blast radius. The maximum capacity of this weapon is 120 and the damage is 10 per hit.



LMB: Secondary Weapon: Plasma Bolt

Projectile that deals damage when it explodes.



Ability 1 – Hornet is Audax’s first ability, which is a projectile and root ability type. When Audax activates this ability, projectile leaves from the centre of the turret of the hovercraft. If Hornet hits an enemy the target is stunned and you can reactivate Hornet, to dash to that target.

1st Ability: Hornet

Audax roots an enemy in place and can then dash to it.


Ability 2 – Tranquillity is the second ability of Audax. This ability is an Area of Effect Silence ability that makes all enemy hovercrafts inside the radius of the ability unable to cast abilities for a period of time.

2nd Ability: Tranquillity

An aura emits from Audax, making all enemies in the area unable to cast their abilities.


Ability 3 – Aquila Claim is an Area of Effect, Root and damage ability. When Claim is cast Audax releases a mini Black Hole on its position. The Black Hole roots and attracts all enemy hovercrafts in its radius, to the centre. While a hostile hovercraft is in the centre of the Black Hole, it takes damage.

3rd Ability: Aquila Claim

Audax summons a mini black hole, drawing all enemies inside and damaging them.


Ability 4 – Aquila Wormhole is flash ability, meaning your hovercraft can travel a set distance (blink) in an instant. No traveling through walls or other players is allowed.

4th Ability: Aquila Wormhole

Aquila Audax instantly teleports a small distance, in the direction it sees.


General Tips:

· Audax is a great initiator. Consider utilising its heavy Crowd Control to start a fight. A good combination could be to catch an enemy with Hornet, dash at them, and once close to them open Tranquillity and Claim. No escape.

· Remember that while you can CC multiple enemy hovercrafts at once with Aquila Claim, Audax deals very little damage without any help for your allied hovercrafts. Team coordination is the key.

· Hornet can be used as your first ability onto an enemy hovercraft. Consider using this ability to catch a fleeing enemy hovercraft or dodging a projectile ability.


You can read in more detail about Audax’s abilities and stats on our Wiki here:



Added Tutorial button on the Home screen.

The Crash Force tutorial in now live! New and accustomed players, please check it out and provide us with feedback!


Community Happenings – Double XP Weekend

We are kicking off February with a Double XP weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, February 11th - 12th from 8pm CEST to 11pm CEST AND 8pm CEST to 11pm PST!

Log into Crash Force during these hours and receive double experience from playing matches in Crash Force.

Get to level 30 faster, and earn your first Aviation point!

See you in the battlefield!

You can join our Curse Server during the event:

And our Discord Server here:

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