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Early Access - Patch v.1.2.2124

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Patch v.1.2.2124



  • Fixed an issue where SteamVR would open when you launched the game.
  • Fixed an issue where resolution options would sometimes not show up.
  • Fixed an issue where some achievements were awarded incorrectly.

New in-Game HUD

  • The UI has been changed in order to be easier to see your abilities and cooldowns (located at the bottom center part)
  • The minimap has been relocated for easier visibility (located at the bottom right)

Main Menu UI

  • Changed the cursor to its default configuration since cursors designed with umg seem to be having some sort of acceleration, hence hard to handle on machine that produce low frame-rates


Ammo Packs

  • Ammo packs now display a timer when picked up, indicating how long until the next pack is available.


Voice Fx

  • We have implemented voice effects for better feedback when performing certain actions in the game. We will continue developing the feedbacks system in general so stay tuned for more.

Clava Diphylla is now available

Being the second hovercraft of the Clavae family.



  • Weapon 1: Rifle

  • Weapon 2: Bladerunner


  • Ability 1: Diphylla can target an enemy and curse him for x amount of time impairing his movement and damaging the enemy.
  • Ability 2: Diphylla scarifices health to increase it's power. Less health, more power.
  • Ability 3: Diphylla sacrifices energy to regenerate health.
  • Ability 4: Diphylla scans the enviroment making it able to see enemies behiund objects and structures


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed empty messages bug


Last modified onSaturday, 28 January 2017 01:05
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