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Crash Force - Families

We are happy to present the story behind the three families in our upcoming game Crash Force. In the Crash Force universe, there are three distinct families of hovercrafts. Their paths collide and that's where our story begins. Our three families’ names are the Aquilas, the Cicumas and the Clavae.


Auila family badge

“The annihilation of one species is a small price to pay to preserve balance in the system. If that is what must be done for the greater good, then ruling the universe depends on it.”

The Aquilas are the law and order of the universe ruling with an iron fist the rest of the families. They are on an eternal quest for finding new Power Sources to grow their power and enable them to enforce what they think is right on the rest of the universe.

When a new Power Source was discovered in a new planet, they immediately sent out an expedition team to recover its energy. Upon landing on the new planet, they had found it inhabited by Clavae.

Possessive and greedy by their nature had no intention to conceal the true purpose of their mission which they immediately revealed to the Clavae as soon as they landed on their planet. Their goal was simple but definitely not humble, to drain the Power Source's energy by any means necessary.


Cicuma family badge



“Out of all the virtues in the universe, knowledge is the purest, and we shall fight to preserve it no matter the cost.”



They are thirsty for knowledge and they will do anything to unravel the mysteries of the universe. However, they can only do that by utilizing energy from Power Sources. When their studies had showed that continuous usage of their Power Source depletes its energy, they decided to stop utilizing it for research.

Their thirst for knowledge, has lead them to hack into other species' comms. That is when they had found out that Aquilas had discovered a planet with abundance of Power Sources and therefore decided to go to an expedition on that same planet.

Upon landing on the planet, they had found it inhabited by the barbaric, under-evolved Clavae species, constantly wasting the energy of the Power Sources for nothing but survival. In the meantime, Aquilas had arrived to the planet in order to try and claim the resources for themselves. As a result, a fight was brewing and Cicumas could take advantage of it.

“Out of all the virtues in the universe, knowledge is the purest, and we shall fight to preserve it no matter the cost.”


Clava family badge


“Oppression can no longer be tolerated, the planet belongs to its rightful owners and anyone opposing shall face destruction.”


Peaceful but mysterious, the Clavae species has lived on their planet for centuries with no intention to expand to the rest of the universe.

One dreadful day, a strange species called Cicuma came from across the universe with concealed intentions. At first they claimed that the purpose of their visit was purely explorative and academical. Although sceptical at the time, Clavae did not consider the new visitors as a threat.

Not long after the arrival of the new visitors, another species called Aquila, came to their planet. Aquilas had no intention of hiding their motives thus, straight away stated that the energy of their Power Source should be drained for the Greater Good. The Clavae had soon realized that Aquilas were going to take their planet's energy by force. At the same time, the Cicumas had been caught exploiting the planet’s energy. As a result, Clavae decided it was time for action.


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Cyprus Comic Con 2016

We will be participating in the annual Cyprus Comic Con 2016 on the 3rd and 4th of September!!

We are happy to announce that during the Cyprus Comic Con 2016 event, a competition will be held!! This competition will run both days of the event, with a daily winner!

Come at our booth during the event on the 3rd or the 4th of September at Filoxenia Conference Center and earn not only a participation reward but also a chance for a limited founder’s edition of Crash Force!!

All you have to do is give us a few minutes to inform you about Crash Force and its story. Play our game (1v1), follow us on our social media platforms and lastly help us get Greenlit on Steam.


See you all there!!

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Digireal Studios Partnership Announcement

We are proud to officially announce our partnership with Digireal Studios! Digireal Studios is an animation and visual effects studio based in Cyprus, which has been assisting us in the past couple months in the production of 3D models and textures for our hovercafts. Their team is consisted of animators, graphics artists, programmers, composers, creative copywriters, photographers and editors. In addition they are offering a wide range of outsourcing services such as 2D and 3D animation, 3D modelling, visual effects, motion graphics etc.

For more info visit their website at: https://www.digirealstudios.com/ and their facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/digirealstudios/


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Live Interview on Thursday 14th of July 2016

Our live interview has been rescheduled for tomorrow! Sorry for any inconvenience that might created from last week!

Join us tomorrow Thurdsay 14/07/2016 at 7pm CET time where we will be interviewed at The Kill Steal Show!

Follow this link tomorrow http://mycyradio.eu/listenwatch-live-popup/ Furthermore you can ask as questions live through our Twitter account at : https://twitter.com/AscanioGames or through The Kill Steal Show twitter account at: https://twitter.com/KillStealShow 

Hope you can join us at our interview live, but if you cannot listen to it at that time, you can listen to the show again after it has finished at: http://listenagain.mycyradio.eu/index.php?cat=The%20Kill%20Steal%20Show

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Imagine Cup Semi finals

We have officially entered the Semi Finals for Imagine Cup!! Only a few days left for the results to come in!! #Hope we get to participate in the Finals!!

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Ascanio Entertainment at Disrupt Youth Unemployement

Come and meet us at Microsoft Innovation Centre in Nicosia on the 22nd of March. We'll talk about Crash Force and generally about our company's future plans. Furthermore, we'll show you the progress of our current games and we can exchange opinions and ideas regarding the evolution of the Game Industry in Cyprus.

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Cyprus Game Developers Event

Thank you all for joining us at the first cyprus game developers exhibition. It was very nice meeting you and truly wonderful watching you play our game. Thank you for following us and helping us grow while we bring Crash Force to life. We are looking forward to see you again soon.

We would also like to thank Konstantin Galyonkin for his kind words in this review about yesterdays game Expo where he took the liberty of expressing his objective opinion on all video games that were presented and the overall event in general. We personally appreciate your effort to spread the news of the Cyprus Game Developers community and we hope to see you soon in future events.



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